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Winning Microsoft


The topic of this paper is a successful enterprise, Microsoft Corporation. It argues about how Microsoft Corporation can succeed. There are four reasons for this argument. The first is that Microsoft is a forerunner of software market, and the second is that it has fantastic leaders. The third reason is that it owns large resources. Finally, it does not give back to the world.


Winning Microsoft

Thesis: Microsoft Corp. is successful.

I. Introduction

A. Farwell (2007) writes “The very top of the list was …”

B. Microsoft Corp. is advantageous.

C. Microsoft Corp. is successful.

1. Microsoft Corp. is a market’s forerunner.

2. Microsoft Corp. has some insightful and gifted leaders.

3. Microsoft Corp. owns countless resources.

4. Microsoft Corp. gives welfare back to people.

II. Background

A. What is Microsoft Corp.?


B. How does Microsoft Corp. work?

1. Dealing with their documents.

2. Saving their precious digital pictures.

3. surfing on the Internet.

C. History of Microsoft Corp.

1. Bill Gates and Paul Allen established since 1975.

2. Microsoft Corp. published Microsoft Winders in 1983.

3. Microsoft Corp. published Windows Vista.

D. Who argues about Microsoft Corp.?

1. Some people recognize it monopolizes the market.

2. Hackers like to invade its system and plant viruses.

3. Its programs can be difficult to set up.

III. Main Arguments

A. Microsoft Corp. is a market’s forerunner.

1. Knowing what the market needed.

a. Tate (2000) explains Bill Gates….

2. Meeting a good chance to cooperate.

a. In “” the author says “Dos…”

B. Microsoft Corp. has an unusual leader.

1. Creativeness to make ideas.

a. They invented the visual interface for computers.

2. Sensitiveness to hold the demand of customers.

a. They understood many international companies’ demands.

C. Microsoft Corp. owning enormous resources.

1. In employee aspect.

a. Microsoft: Careers-United States(2007).

2. In experience aspect.

a. It owns a sophisticated mode for management and invention.

D. Microsoft Corp. does not forget to give back to the world.

1. Bill Gates set up a Charity.

a. In “Gates Open To More Charity Work”.

2. Bill Gates donated to the education.

a. In “San Diego School Surprise”.

E. Microsoft Corp. is successful in its product.

1. Opponents of Microsoft Corporation claim Windows’ operation system has some loopholes and is invaded easily by hackers.

2. It is not unfair.

3. There is no perfect software in the world.

a. The software is written by people who often make mistakes.

4. Their software is not invaded easily, but is often invaded.

a. Hackers like to challenge themselves.

IV. Conclusion

A. Thesis restatement.

B. Four reasons.

Those strategies make Microsoft succeed.

Winning Microsoft

In “Forbes Releases Latest List of US Rich,” Farwell (2007) writes “The very top of the list was unchanged: Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates led the list for the 14th straight year, this time with a net worth estimated at $59 billion” (para. 5). According the about, we know in 1994, Bill Gates, was 38 years old, become the richest man on earth. Microsoft Corporation that he runs not only brings a great deal of fortune, but also creates human’s extraordinary era in which a lot of people use computers. It is very interesting to know why young Bill Gates can succeed in business, but regular people can not do like him. In fact, Microsoft Corp. is successful due to the fact that it is a market’s forerunner, has some insightful and gifted leaders, owns countless resources, and gives welfare back to people.

Microsoft is a famous international enterprise creating and producing software for the computer. defines “The biggest supplier of operating systems and other software for IBM PC compatibles. Software products include MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Microsoft Access…” (para.1). It also offers people foundations to deal with their documents, to save their precious digital pictures, and to enjoy surfing on the Internet. According to Tate (2000), Microsoft Corporation has been run since 1975 by Bill Gates and his best friend, Paul Allen. The first device that was a small box did not have a screen or a keyboard. After that, Microsoft Winders was made in 1983, and its later version, Microsoft Winders 1.0, was a new software with bitmap displays and mouse pointing devices. Moreover, recently the corporation publishes Windows Vista, more of personality, interaction, and entertainment. However, there is an opposition about Microsoft Corporation. Some people recognize it monopolizes the market, as result of a lack of competition. Also, hackers like to invade its system and plant viruses, which cause data damage. Furthermore, people think that its programs can be difficult to set up. However, even though some people do not like to use Microsoft’s products, we cannot disagree that it is successful now.

First, the pioneer often gives the leadership or benefits first, and Microsoft Corporation was a forerunner in the computer business. It started the business in 1970’s when every organization dealt with data like the incoming and outgoing accounts by hand. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, was a good sensor, who knew what the market needed. Tate (2000) explains Bill Gates and Paul Allen forecasted there would be a market for desk computers, so they actively developed this virgin area. Their prediction was right, and let them earn more money. Moreover, Microsoft met a good chance to cooperate with IBM, and develop a major software company. In “” the author says “Dos (Disk Operating System) was the operating system that brought the company its real success. On August 12, 1981, after negotiations with Digital Research failed, IBM awarder a contract to Microsoft to provide a version of the CP/M operating system…Microsoft rose from a small player to one of the major software vendors in the home computer industry” (para. 2). This opportunity caused Microsoft to become a magnate, and settled its later stable status. Therefore, the foundation of successful company is catching the chance before others and using it in full.

Next, a successful company always has unusual leaders support it. The original owners of Microsoft Corporation have some characteristics, such as creativeness to make ideas, sensitiveness to hold the demand of customers. First, the leaders were creative. They invented the visual interface for computers, such as Windows 95, which was more convenient to operate than before when people only can type programming languages that people need to learn hardly like C++. It was originality in human history. Secondly, they were sensors of the needy in the era. For example, they understood many international companies had a lot of data, which need to be put them in the order quickly and effectively. Due to this reasons, they invent unprecedented the software, Microsoft Offices, to deal with date of big companies. This sensitive ability to the social demand is a feature of a leader.

Thirdly, Microsoft Corporation is successful because of owning enormous resources like skilled people and abundant experience. However, it is easy for Microsoft Corp. to gather these capitals. In employee aspect, there are many professional people of talent around the world working for it. According to Microsoft: Careers-United States(2007), Microsoft Corp. separates many departments like Worldwide Operations, Corporate Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Legal &Corporate Affairs, Consulting, Support, and Technical. Their workers feel honored because Microsoft Corp. is proud of international honor and it offers high salary to its employee. Moreover, in experience aspect, the company has run for over thirty years, so it owns a sophisticated mode for management and invention. Since,1990’s, it has released Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP. Recently, it has let off the new version, Window Vista, a newest operating system. Due to this rich experience, they can continue to publish new version and earn more money. As a result, these gigantic resources give Microsoft Corp. huge power to stand erect on earth.

Finally, the fourth successful secret of Microsoft Corporation is that it does not forget to give back to the world. It is important because it is a way to win to people’s hearts. First, Bill Gates set up a Charity. In “Gates Open To More Charity Work”, Purcell (2006) writes “Bill Gates announced that over the next two years he will withdraw from his daily role at Microsoft on order to dedicate himself full- time to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” (para. 1). So, Bill Gates established the charity to contribute himself to the society. In the event, this action improved his company’s good reputation. Moreover, Bill Gates also donated to the education. In “San Diego School Surprise” Purcell (2006) claims “Students at San Diego high School were thrilled at the unexpected …about an $11 million donation in 2003 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” (para.1). He offered the money to poor students in order to help the students finish their school works. Indeed, Bill Gates’ charity let many people feel Microsoft Corp. is useful to the society.

Opponents of Microsoft Corporation claim it is not a successful company because their Windows’ operation system has some loopholes and is invaded easily by hackers. However, it is not unfair to say that. First, there is no perfect software existing in the world because the software is written by people who often make mistakes. Although the product has some flaws, the product from Microsoft Corp.’s flaws is fewer than other companies’. The company employs the people of talent about technology to design almost perfect computer programs. Moreover, they have strong workgroup to connect to each other in order to fix the problems immediately. That is why we often find the reminder windows on our computer, which ask us to update the newest programs to avoid our data exposing the damage. Therefore, the Microsoft’s software is a good program. Next, their software is not invaded easily. In fact, it is that hackers like to invade Microsoft’s products more that others’. Hackers like to challenge themselves to discover the software’s loopholes. If hackers can damage this system, they will get the feel of achievement. Unfortunately, many hackers like to challenge Microsoft Corporation because they think many top people of talent around the world work for it. Hackers often say the company monopolizes the market, but it is just an excuse to convince people that they do it for the justice. In the other words, Microsoft systems are often invaded by hackers because Microsoft Corporation’s software is not easily to break, not because its systems are not good enough. Chinese has a proverb “A big tree is hit easily by wind.” It means that the top one gets envied easily. That is why Microsoft Systems are often attacked because Microsoft Corp. is one of the top companies in the world.

In conclusion, we can say Microsoft Corporation is a really successful company. The owners not only had an unusually perspicacity to be a technologic precursor, but they also had the power to lead the company’s development. Furthermore, the company pays attention and is willing to give more welfare to catch the talents. Also, the company understands where it getting profits, where it should give back. These strategies are important courses for who wants to run successful business.


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