Sunday, October 7, 2007

EAP2-A Summary and Response#1

In Zussman’s (2005) article, “Fighting Corruption Is a Global Concern,” he claims that Canadians should reform their corruption problems. First, Zussman discusses that anti-corruption conference in Beijing that helps Canadians think about corruption in the world. Next, he talks about the Transparency International report making corruption issues visible to the public. Many notions and global organizations have been trying to decline corruption in society because corruption consumes inestimable money every year. Moreover, Zussman argues many governments decide to cut off corruption due to economic recession, the influence of people’s quality of life, and distrust between governments and their people. Also, he explains that if people want to remove corruption effectively, they should make stronger laws to monitor finance activities, know how the laws limit them, follow the laws completely, and have perfect people to lead them. Last, the author states there is a big corruption problem in Canada in the present decade. However, Zussman’s says that the global issue about corruption can let Canadian think about their national systems.

It is clear that anti-corruption is beneficial because corruption gives people lots of problems. It can influence not only outer environment like social welfare, but also involve inner mind of human, such as greediness. The government around the world and people on earth should fight for corruption in order not to do three reasons: increasing the gap between the rich and the poor, reducing public building’s quality, and polluting healthy spirit of human.

First, corruption leads to a poverty gap to become deeper. No one wants to risk affording heavy punish expect large benefits. Therefore, a hung of money will pour into greedy people’s banks if they corrupt. For instance, there are a lot of news about politicians who corrupts with businesspeople, and the money they like last president in Korean, Youngsam Kim, illegally gain often exceeds over millions US dollars once. According these huge money, they can become richer soon. As a result, it enlarges distance between the rich and poor. Moreover, money which comes from the general people will flow into rapacious people quickly, and then the gap between the rich and poor will turn deeper. In Taiwan over the past, businesses used to collude with the officials, and then they became very rich in the short time. Nevertheless, Taiwan government did not use this money, which was from people’s taxes and finally ran into certain people’s accounts, to help the needy. As the result, a lot of beggars existed on the streets. It is illegal and unfair for the poor. We should prohibit corruption, or the country can not have healthy economic system.

Second, corruption causes the quality of public poverty to be easily broken, and endanger people life. Some building companies want to gain more chances to earn more money, so they bribe some politician and get opportunities which they can build the pubic constructions or repair them. However, those companies decline the material’s quality in order to reduce their expenses of the capitalized cost. It is very harmful to lives. A catastrophe in 1999, the 921 earthquake of Taiwan, many people died because the buildings where they lived fell in. Experts found some frameworks of the collapsed building are consisted of empty iron kegs. Ironically, most of buildings were constructed by Taiwan government. It is so sad because we give our government taxes not to injure our benefits, poverty, and life, but want to get a promise to protect us from our countries. Therefore, we should be against corruption to avoid selfish people killing innocent ones.

Finally, corruption teaches that people can use any ways to chase money, including immoral methods. Corruption often happens under the table, but if it prevails in a country, and can not be stopped, it will change people’s minds to believe that corruption is right. In the past, Taiwanese candidates like to give some money to the people to vote them, but the people did not think receiving money was wrong because everyone did that, and even if the people did not take money, the candidates still take more money from their taxes. It is terrifyingly people think corruption is correct. Moreover, this myth also helps useless people give an unmatchable job. The rich people in Taiwan would think if they want their later generations to gain a good job. Therefore, they would just give some money to the power people, and then they can pass. For example, a person may not need to graduate from the high school, but s/he gives some money to a bar association, and then can become a lawyer. It is very awful that people do not have knowledge about laws and to deal with a lawsuit. In according that, we should oppose corruption or vicious concept will cause the unfair and destroying world.

In conclusion, corruption is adverse for human. It brings the unequal economic system among human being. Also, it gives people worse environment in the public and private sector. Furthermore, it smears the people’s minds, and let the world fill of dirty crime. So many negative factors tell us we should stop corruption on the earth. Nevertheless, if people keep on this selfish aspect, people will destroy everything on earth, including ourselves, who think we were mighty.


Zussman, D. (2005, October 11). Fighting corruption is a global concern. Ottawa Citizen. pp. A15.

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