Monday, October 8, 2007


We could say that Wal-Mart almost equals the name of combining inexpensiveness with convenience. People could find what they want and need all the time. If we are hungry at midnight, we can go to Wal-Mart to look for some food. It is an amazing mall that it offers unlimited supply to people, like food, drink, tools, clothes, and furniture. However, it also gives people awful impact. Wal-Mart is not beneficial due to the fact that it causes the economic, employee, and social problems.

First, Wal-Mart monopolizes the market in America. Due to its convenience and 24-hours service, it draws a lot of consumers to buy what they need there. However, it causes many local businesses to disappear. When Wal-Mart sets up its branches in a certain place, people tend to purchase goods in it instead of in the other small local shop, such as grocery stores, deli stores, or clothes shops, because Wal-Mart has more complete selection of goods and people do not need to run around to gather them. It is why the original stores near it are forced to close gradually. Moreover, another economic effect is that a part of owners whose companies are closed by force by Wal-Mart might immigrant in order to find another market which they have a chance to earn their life. However, the owner brings her/his money into another country. For instance, the department store is closed in America, and then it is rebuilt in Canada, the owner need to take money which s/he earns in America and brings money into Canada because s/he is Canadian. Therefore, it is very terrible that Wal-Mart effect lets many services closed and money flow out of America.

Next, there are some problems from Wal-Mart’s bad treatment to its employees. It has an unfair salary system to cause the employees to not have high quality life. Wal-Mart gives lower money to its employees, and the salary is not enough to let them keep their lives. They might need to find the second jobs to keep their life if they want to have enough money to balance their expense. However, it will spend their whole time to work, and they do not have any time to take care of their life quality. Furthermore, Wal-Mart doesn’t pay attention to the employee trains, which can help workers deal with the need of its consumers and manage goods easily, efficiently and exactly. When we cannot find out an ice cube box on the stands, we will ask the workers where it is, and then hope that they can lead us to get it instead of the answer “Sorry, I do not know. You can ask the worker over there,” and then going away. Mal-Mart’s stuff always lacks knowledgeable service. In short, Wal-Mart doesn’t care its workers’ quality and then its workers don’t have responsibilities to customers, either.

Finally, Wal-Mart brings some social problems when we buy its products. Mal-Mart’s goods are cheaper and convenient but we will lower our life qualities if we buy them because Mal-Mart gets its products from developing countries, whose factories do not care about products’ quality. For instance, some consumers buy clothes or shoes form Mal-Mart, and they might cost their less than a half price compared to other clothes shops. However, which ones can not be used for many times and then broken soon. Additionally, most people choose the one time-use goods in Mal-Mart, and it causes trash pollution. American people like to run a party, and buy a lot of disposable dishes and tools. The Wal-Mart is their “best choice” because it has many disposable goods. The low price goods cause people have worse habits, and do not care about the pollution, which harms our environment seriously.

People claim that Mal-Mart has a nice return policy for customers who get the flawed products or regret buying its goods. However, it is not true in what it has good return policy. In fact, Mal-Mart has fewest limits in the return system, and they cater to customers excessively. This unlimited return policy easily causes consumers to have bad consume habits. To illustrate, we often see the customers to queue in a long line in order to refund goods they just bought, and the servers do not ask much and check goods even though people only respond them “I just don’t like it.” It is not a responsible attitude because people who have responsibility often think twice before buying. Looking over some countries like Taiwan, people always buy merchandise carefully because customers should argue with clerks if they want to return the product which they just bought it. This custom helps Taiwanese people do everything after thinking. According to above, Wal-Mart has a bad policy for return.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart is harmful to American because it gives America negative influences, which cause the smaller businesses in America to not exist. Furthermore, the employees working at Wal-Mart do not get reasonable treatment they should get, and Mal-Mart lowers people’s life and environment quality. Therefore, the United States will lose the name of the first strongest country in the world if Wal-Mart’s development is going on. Now, we should not support Wal-Mart to continue growing, or America will become a sub-country soon.

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